The Page Of Products

Once again, hi there. This is the page that will list all the niches that we publish in. Most of which will be linked to, say, a master page where the posts that lead to the downloads are.

Done it this way, although, it does seem longer, to give any viewers an idea of what topics we produce ebooks in.

To start:

Copy Writing This is a full course on how to write sales copy. The course has been written by a UK copy writer called Michael Silk. It is a 94 page eBook in pdf that details from the start how to write and sales letter including headlines, body, close and how to correctly use a PS at the end. These are the very same techniques that Michael himself uses to write the letter after he has done very extensive research about his client, their product and their target market. This course is suitable for beginner to expert and anywhere in between. Whether you want to become or are a copy writer, Michael’s course would be an added bonus to your arsenal on how to write sales copy. You can promote this as an affiliate using Search under the product name and request to become an affiliate.

Email Marketing Email Megastar Field Training is a full on ten part course that has been written by one of the UK’s best email marketers and he has been in the game since before the Internet was created. Covers not just how to write an email that builds a loyal relationship with the list members, also the component parts of an email and how to build an opt in page as well. If you want to be an email marketer learn from one of the best.

Direct Mail – off line

List building

Traffic Generation


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