Basics Of Doing It Right And Why It Beats Social Media

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This 5 page beauty is all about how to get the basics of email marketing nailed down. Also why email marketing is better than social media. Actually they truly compliment each other as you will find out right here.

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Email Marketing _ Secret Of Added Value

Download here (and below) 5 Steps To Instantly Increase Email Open And Response Rates aka Email Adds Value To Your Business

Well hello there, going to get straight into this so no messing about.

Email marketing is really very simple. It is the same as any other type of marketing, yet so many do it wrong. Or listen to people that tell them it is hard for this reason or that reason. The main reason they tell you it is hard is so that they can sell you a course on how to do it.

Then guess what. Correct, you fall flat on your face and start to believe them that it is hard.

Here’s a kicker for you. Can you write a letter? May seem a stupid question, but can you. Better still do you get a reply? If you can do this then you can write an email.

Simply remember that your reader has shown an interest in your business. Build on that interest and tell them more about your business. Tell them stories that both entertain and inform,meaning that they add value to the reader’s life in terms of your business.

It is honestly that simple. Here in this category are a (or there will be) lot of small 3 – 5 article reports on email marketing. From how to write them to how to build email funnels. All you have to do is download those that you want, read and apply what is there. Couldn’t be easier.

That said let’s have a really quick look at how email adds value to your business in this short report. If you ‘left click’ it opens in the same window, right click and you can open it in a new tab.

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