“How To Write Headlines So Good They Grip The Reader By The Throat And Demand To Be Read”

We all know that the battle for a reader to become a lead/customer starts at the top. We all know that means at the headline. If offline then even before they read it.

It is our job then as copywriters to be able to get the best out of an introduction to us with a brilliant headline. Miss this and you are 100% guaranteed to lose any and every sale. That is how important a headline is.

Yes, they are an introduction. Chances are that the reader has never been to your website before, and give them a crap headline or any crappy experience and they won’t be back again.

How do we know if we have a good headline?

You have to test them. There is no other way. Some people respond to one type whilst others to another. One type may be a question, another type a statement.

Unfortunately for us business owners seem to want more conversions than any piece of copy will get. What they miss is that they have to get what they can and then concentrate of having massive conversions of these leads into customers.

Even for lead generation, which is what every company should be doing, you still need a good headline. In this ebook there is a set of articles that show how to write good headlines. The sort that grip you by the throat and demand to be read; even before you finish your morning coffee. Here it is.