Hi there and welcome.

Firstly there is nothing to buy here. It is all free, just find what you want and open it up or download it. Everything is in friendly pdf format. Open in any browser and on any device.

We did this as the demand in the world has changed, therefore we had to change with it. We being Annie and I as you can see in the header image.

The reasoning behind this move from charging was one of necessity. Why? Well the world has changed especially after 2020 and the Covid-19 outbreak. We are all connected and we all need to work together to make this world great for us all. Annie and I can’t do that if we are charging people to learn about their passions or looking for solutions to whatever pains them.
The only real answer is to share this knowledge freely.

How does it work?

Annie and I are publishers. Means that we find or have created work that interests you. It is then compiled into a viewing format, like say a book or a video, then sold to you. This means that whilst Annie and I may not be expert in some areas (we are in others) we are still providing expert answers to you.

How do you make money then?

Another good question. Annie and I make our money by providing further expert knowledge available from the experts in that niche. It is their work that you the reader can purchase, if you want to. This knowledge is ready for you to view by using the links in the books that you can download.

Whether you buy or not the books that we provide will be loaded with extremely useful information for you about your interest. We do publish a lot. If you don’t want to miss any new releases we produce you can join a list to get all the new publications straight to your email inbox for a stupidly small monthly fee. The amount is insignificant when compared to the knowledge and understanding you will get.

That’s it from us, sorry, no more. All up to you now. Please find a subject that interests you and download anything you want. It is 100% free forever.

Kind regards,

Ian and Annie