UK publishers expose a new format to help you...

"We're Not Saying This Is The Best Website There Is But You May Find It Bloody Useful......Here's Why....."

The world is changing, and we have to move with it.  People need help, support and each other.  Yes we are business owners but we want to do our bit.  That is why from today 29th March 2020 everything that we publish (written by us or others) will be free.  No cost to YOU the reader.

Hi there, how you doing?  That is Annie and I (Ian) in the picture and what you just read is real.  We are never going to charge for anything to be downloaded from our website/blog.  Download to your hearts content anything that you want in any niche we publish in.

No list join either, not now not ever.  Genuinely we want all that visit here, or see our products offered elsewhere, to benefit for free.

Many years ago when we started we did charge and we would've carried on doing so had not been for two things.  These being...

  1. We realised that if we help people as much as we do then this help should be made free to one and all, and not for the average price of 197 a year.

  2. The Covid-19 virus. This pushed over the edge and caused us to act faster.  People need support and they need it now, so we offer it.

The world has changed and it should be for the better of us all. That is why we did what we did.  It made us think "Hey if all these people are benefiting from our work then it should be made available to all...even if they can't afford our books.  Made readily available for them right now from our blog to download.....


Just click where it says 'blog' and you can see all the pages/posts for our niches and the titles of the books.  Yes the numbers are increasing all the time.  If you see anything of interest to you just click it and hey presto, it shall appear on your screen.  From there do what you desire; save it for later, read it straight away or even print it off and read as a book.  The choice is yours.

It is 100% FREE....There is nothing that you have to buy here...and on this website you will never get a pop up or any advert of any type.  Like you, we hate them.  They are so annoying.  They really err; yeah you understand.

Back to the matter at hand.  All the niches are on our blog that you can access from here, and that is it.  Simple as that.  Have a look around, find what you like, download it and read it.

All that remains now is for Annie and I to say thank you for reading and we hope that you find something of interest on the blog.

All the best,

Ian and Annie

2020 Ian and Annie on behalf of Ian David Enterprises, all rights reserved.

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